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Ding and Dents

We Fix the Dings and Dents

With whatsoever precaution you take for your vehicle, dings and dents happen inevitably. Whether it is from doors of other cars, run-a-away shopping carts or even hail storm damage many perils exist, that can plague your car’s gorgeous finish.

Paintless dent removal is a combination of using specially designed tools and a unique process. No matter how easy it looks, PDR requires a high level of skill and patience. It’s not a solution to every ding and dent but it does have advantages over a traditional body repair.

Door Dings and Dents

If the thought of taking your car to the auto body shop is too much for you, then we are the answer to your problems. We service the orlando city area and have expertise in repairing all sorts of dents. If it is repairable in PDR, then we can do it. If your car is heavily damaged and paints are stretched beyond Paintless dent repair, then you may need a combined body repair and PDR.

How is it done?

We use specialist tools which are placed behind the panel – dings and dents are then gently pushed out not effecting the external paint work. There is no spraying or filling. The metal panels are slowly massaged back to original shape by various PDR techniques.

Will Dent be slightly Visible after Repair?

No, you won’t even know where the dents were after the repair is done. Your car will be back to showroom condition.

How Much does it Cost?

Not all Dents and Dings require a Dent in your Wallet. We perform quality work at affordable prices.We are so confident on our ability and affordability that you will know the price is right when we hand you the bill.

Will the Dents come back?

This is the most common question we hear. The answer is NO, PDR done right and properly is a permanent process.

What about larger dents or creases?

For larger dents and creases PDR will provide considerable improvement to the appearance of your car. In all the cases, PDR either completes removes the dent or improves it considerably for very little body shop work.

We proudly serve the Orlando are with Mobile PDR. Try our service with guaranteed satisfaction.